License to Carry Handgun

Our License to Carry Handgun course  is sure to get you prepared and educated for your license.  The course fee is $80 The Texas License to Carry Handgun course will last four hours, which is state mandated in addition to the range qualification portion.


  • Module 1:  Laws that Relate to Weapons and to the Use of Deadly Force
  • Module 2:  Handgun Use and Safety
  • Module 3:  Non-Violent Dispute Resolution
  • Module 4:  Proper Storage Practices of Handguns with an Emphasis on Storage Practices that Eliminate the Possibility of Accidental Injury to a Child.


At the completion of the License to Carry Handgun class, students must pass a twenty-five (25) question written exam and a fifty (50) shot qualification course utilizing a .32 caliber handgun or larger.  The student must earn a score of at least 70% on the written exam and live fire qualification course to receive their LTC-100 Certificate of Training.

Trained professionals

All License to Carry Handgun classes at Cane Island Outfitters are taught by instructors certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety.  In addition, instructors are either current peace officers and/or NRA and TCOLE firearms instructors with advanced training on subject matters such as Use of Force/Deadly Force and related Texas statutes.

Please note that the License to Carry Handgun course does not show you how to operate or shoot a handgun.  If you are not familiar with the basic fundamentals of handguns, we recommend you attend a Basic Handgun 101 class prior to enrolling in your License to Carry Handgun.

Please contact us to find out information on the next class offered at Cane Island Outfitters.